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I am able to offer a de matting service on my own experiences, I am not a professional with any qualifications, but I take pride in what I do. I can come to your home within a 5 mile radius of Nottingham.If you prefer you can bring your cat to my home

Prices will be.

1     A comb out, eyes and ears cleaned and claws clipped £25.00


2     A full comb out, knots removed grooming products will be used so the cat smells clean and fresh, claws clipped,eyes and ears cleaned £35.00 


3  A  de mat where coats are beyond normal grooming grooming products will be used to ensure gentle grooming, some shaving maybea needed. £45.00


4  Full de mat where coats are badly matted,I do prefer to comb out gently rather than shave if possible.(This may require a few sessions depending on the stress level of the cat ) I do aim to do sessions at 1 hr at a time. £40.00

5 Full de mat where as above, bathing in gentle cat shampoo and conditioner, then blow dryed with a salon proffesional dog grooming dryer to leave the coat soft and silky and more managable.This session will depend on the stress level of the cat, and the amount of time they can tollerate.PRICE for this depends on the amount of grooming before shampooing.£50.00

Special offer if the full £50.00 service is booked

I will microchip your cat FREE 



     Here are a few pictures of cats that have come in to  my rescue I have de matted




         This is Portia a Maine coon got half a carrier bag from her



This is Scarlet a Maine coon also got half a carrier bag from her        

This is Theo a Norwegian Forest and a very  big boy but what a mess he was I had to shave him underneath Theo was under RACR Rescue






This is Miss Pippa she is a  of a Persian, with the thickest coat you ever saw. She is one of my regular girlies I visit to powder and pamper .Her owners had cut some matts from her as she had knotted up quickly due to the heavy spring moult. The photos do not do her any justice as she is the sweetest most beautiful girl you could meet. 
















This is Mr Darcy he is a big boy !! His mum Gill only got him a week ago and he was very matted this is him before




 and after







 And look what came from him !!! the mat is 2ft long.His mum took a carrier bag full home !!! to show her daughter














                                          MICRO CHIPPING

I am also able to offer a Micro chipping service  for cats, dogs, rabbits ,within a 5 mile radius , or you can bring your pet to me.Having completed a training course and qualified as an implanter with Pet Detect.I will register your pets details on line and the certificate will take 5 to 7 days to arrive at your address, I will give you a detailed sheet with your  pets microchip number until your certificate arrives from Pet detect.

Price for Micro chipping will be £14.00.Vets normally charge £25.00 to £40.00

Any money from the above services will go straight in to the rescue to help fund vital treatment and vet bills.



Dont  let your pet be stolen and go in to a pound or become a stray !! Micro chipping is a small price to pay !!













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