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All Cats that come in to the Rescue are seen by a vet straight away and medical treatment that is required is given, they are put in to quarantined for a minimum of 3 weeks in my purpose designed rescue room /  office within my own home .I do not use any foster carers as I have the time and experience to take care of the cats myself.All cats stay within my own home I do have  3 outside  purpose built heated catteries that I have fully refurbished and built myself.


All cats and kittens come with 4 weeks free insurance from Petplan  









Also have had a log cabin built for grooming and nursing I have totaly insulated and refurbished the inside myself 


I have bought a better car for Rescue recently and put some sign writing on myself !!!















All bathing ,grooming,de matting,eye care, nails,ears etc is done by myself on a daily basis, any wounds are bathed and dressing and changed when needed.All cats are assessed and observed closely by me during the 3 week period this is to find out the very best suited home that they require.I have an extensive supply of emergency items such as, worming tablets, frontline,  thermometers, syringes,anti biotics,metacam, royal canin kitten feeding kit etc. I also have a small recovery cage that I use for after operations. I am very experienced at hand feeding kittens,and intensive care is given over night if required I am extremely experienced at giving injections and re hydrating . Thorneywood Cat Rescue operates a


NO CAT WILL BE  PTS unless its quality of life and future will be suffering.






Cats will not be put up for adoption until I have fully assessed them.Anyone wanting to adopt from Thorneywood Cat Rescue will be home checked , and vet checked any kittens that are to young to be neutered at the time of adoption come with a neuter contract that this will be done by the time they are 6 months old.This date will be stated on the contract and will be agreed and signed by both the adopter and the rescue Proof must be sent via email or post confirming this has been done.All cats adopted come with an adoption form, this is also to be agreed and signed by the adopter and the rescue.All cats and kittens are microchipped by me, the Microchip details remain under the rescue, this is to ensure life time back can be given to them all.

The adoption form is detailed as follows:



I                                                    Agree to ADOPT the above named cat from   Thorneywood Cat Rescue.. I understand that  I have to keep up with yearly vaccinations, worming, and flea treatment , and seek any medical treatment that the cat may require. I also understand that the microchip stays registered with the rescue.

If for what ever reason I can no longer keep the cat then I shall contact Thorneywood Cat Rescue and the cat MUST BE returned to the rescue. Under no circumstances must the cat be re homed by myself. If attention is drawn to Thorneywood Cat Rescue that the cat is not been cared for in an appropriate manner, or the rescue has concerns for the welfare of the cat then the rescue has a right to investigate this and if necessary REMOVE  the cat back in to there care . The adoption fee is non- refundable.











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